Installation shots from Circus TM at Belmacz, London, on until 22 April 2014.

Head Studies.

This year I've been focussing on researching and developing ideas of spatial representation, which has led to notions of making large scale sculptural pieces, monumental monoliths and huge architectural structures.  Although these ideas may not be realistic or achievable, I've decided not to limit myself by cancelling out these areas of investigation.  It seems like the next logical area of exploration as over the past few years, the paintings themselves have becomes sculptural objects in space, rather than flat rectangles fixed to walls.  Above are some recent studies on paper and at the top a piece made from a large sheet of bent metal, a sculptural drawing in itself.


These works are from a new set of small paintings, that see a change of subject, scale and approach.  They are part of an ongoing series that explores ways of recording everyday, ephemeral experiences.


Circus TM, Belmacz, London. 17 February - 22 April 2014.

Exhibiting artists:

Alex Carmichael, Andy Parker, Astrid Wagner, Cathie Pilkington, Chloe Hughes, Coco Crampton, David Dipré, Hanna Mattes, Henri Gaudier Brzeska, Howard Dyke, Joe Frazer, Joel Tomlin, John Bunker, Julia Peirone, Magdalena Drwiega, Michael Buthe, Mimei Thompson, Morten Skrøder Lund, Natasha Kahn, Paul Housley, Paul Kindersley, Peter Blake, Petr Davydtchenko, Phil Root, Richard Smith, R Goldman, Simon Mullan, Tomek Baran.

The circus being a microcosm as well as an ancient entertainment set up, acts as a parallel universe. For full curator's text and further details, click here.

Studies In Motion.

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Upcoming Exhibitions.

I'll be exhibiting in three group shows starting in December. Details below.

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