H-Project Space, Bangkok - 5th June - 6th July 2014.
Transition Gallery, London – 20th September – 12th October 2014
The Usher Gallery, Lincoln – 19th December 2014 - 19th April 2015

Curated by Andrew Bracey

(detail) is an innovative new exhibition that features the work of 118 international artists, who have each selected a close-up from one of their paintings. These details will be printed and displayed together to give both a tantalising glimpse into the artworks, and create a huge collage of images. The exhibition will launch at H-Project Space in Bangkok this summer, before touring to Transition Gallery and The Usher Gallery in the UK later this year.

Exhibiting artists:

Alec Shepley, Alexis Harding, Alison Erika Forde, Alastair Payne, Alli Sharma, Alun Williams,
Andrea Guiseppe Corciulo, Andrew Bick, Andrew Bracey, Andrew Graves, Andrew Seto,
Andrew Stahl, Andy Harper, Annabel Dover, Annabel Tilley, Annabelle Sheldon, Anthony
Frost, Bartosz Beda, Ben Cove, Benet Spencer, Cathy Lomax, Christopher Bagnal, Clem
Crosby, Clyde Hopkins, Corrina Spencer, Craig Barber, Damien Meade, Dan Hays, Dan
Perfect, Daniel Sturgis, David Dipre, David Manley, David Reed, David Ryan, Dominic
Shepherd, Eleanor Moreton, Emma Talbot, Enzo Marra, Eric Butcher, Estelle Thompson,
Euripides Altintzoglou, Eve Ackroyd, Evi Grigoropoulou, Fabian Marcaccio, Fiona Curran,
Fiona Macdonald. Fiona Rae, G L Brierley, Geraint Evans, Gordon Cheung, Gordon Dalton,
Graham Crowley, Hamish McLain, Hannah Knox, Hanneline Visnes, Henny Acloque,
Henrietta Simson, Iain Andrews, Isabel Young, Jamie Shovlin, Jay Oliver, Jennifer Maidment,
John Rimmer, Julia Schwadron, Julie Heffernan, Julie Langsam, Karin Davie, Katie Pratt,
Katrina Blannin, Laura Lancaster, Lesley Halliwell, Lindsay Bull, Louisa Chambers, Louise
Bristow, Luke Frost, Maggie Ayliffe, Magnus Quaife, Mark Fairnington, Mark Kennard, Mark
Wright, Medina Hammad, Michael Fullerton, Michael Roberts, Mick Finch, Miho Sato, Mik
Godley, Mimei Thompson, Narbi Price, Natasha Kidd, Neal Rock, Olivia Notaro, Paul
Edwards, Paul Winstanley, Pavel Büchler, Phoebe Mitchell, Rachel Lumsden, Rafal
Topolewski, Rick Copsey, Robert Holyhead, Rosalind Davis, Roger Wilson, Ruth Solomons,
Sarah R Key, Sarah Pickstone, Sharon Hall, Shirley Kaneda, Sigrid Holmwood, Simón
Granell, Soichiro Shimizu, Stefan Sehler, Steve Dutton, Steve Ingman, Terry Shave, Thomas
M Wright, Tom Hackney, Tony Smith, Tristram J Aver, Yelena Popova

The exhibition is supported by Arts Council England and The University of Lincoln.