Radical Me. Curated by Howard Dyke.
A show based around the figure, painting, image making lust and desire but nothing too dry.
Featuring 18 artists based in London, St Ives, Rio and Beijing who all bring an emotional and physical response to the figure, make art from the body and try to bend the world to suit them. 

There's art out of the Cornish pasty - Waves crashing over rock and Cock. Miniature figures in fluid enamel on 
copper. Abstract human traces in translucent spaces. Image hunters trawling art history and anthropology for stuff that means something to them then re-configuring it to make sense of it somehow.  A body exposes itself to giant photographic paper, spits and bites, screwed up - She hates edges. Clothed canvases, a FILA logo rises from the stained sheets. As much a nod to Brett Easton Ellis as is the cut fabric to Fontana. A Quirky language of figurative made lyrical. 1930's motifs and silhouettes reconfigured into a new symbolic order. Design for a modern machine made out of old parts and styles. A Sunset out of ripped billboard and garden tarpaulin,  a fan of decorators colour samples is a replacement for our burning star. Heads and figures made from slashes and scything brushwork, all trying to break from the boundaries of their existence. A man paints the interior spaces made out of the paint that he brings to these places. All stuff man made , felt , designed in some way made to feel more real than life , it's all there at Radical Me not radical in the way it's going to change the world but radical in the artists own personal journey and ambition. 
Howard Dyke.